Saturday, July 2, 2011

Double Delight

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;
sing praise to His name, for that is pleasant.
Psalm 135:3

We’ve got a day to spend with my high school friend who lives in Sunbury on Thames outside of London and then tomorrow we’ll board our plane to go back to Canada. She offered to take us to Windsor Castle or visit Hampton Court after a buffet meal. Then we’ll have BBQ at their place for supper. It sounds like another wonderful day. It shouldn’t surprise us that God will bless us just as much. He’s been so faithful to do so for the last two weeks that we’ve been travelling in Europe.

God is undeniably too good. Following our trip to Rome, Italy, the Vatican City, and Paris, France, we made our way to Eibergen, Holland. We stayed there for four days and enjoyed our time. Our host, another high school friend, and her family, went out of their way to make our stay very pleasant. Even their friends were very kind to us. As if to punctuate a point, the Lord audibly told us what He was doing. When our friends took us to see an old church on Zwillbrock near the German border, we entered it. The choir must have been practising for the next day’s service. They sang “Amazing Grace” as we walked in and followed it a few songs later with “Great is Thy Faithfulness”. Yes, what an amazing God you are, Papa, so faithful.

We took a walk in the German woods and coupled with the Dutch countryside, truly satisfied my soul. We have such a creative God! Our host also served us French duck dishes (“Cassoulet” and “Confit de Canard” with white asparagus) when they found out we ate mostly sandwiches in Paris because of their exorbitant prices. We still got to enjoy French cuisine even though we were already in Holland. =)

Of course, none of the travelling would have happened if not for Ryan Air, a no-frills type of airline (like Air Asia). Although very strict with their baggage regulations (or you pay fines!), their economical airfares made it possible for us to do what we did. A Dutch friend said that at one point they had a seat sale and it cost two pounds and fifty pence to travel to London! We didn’t pay ours THAT cheaply but we were able to afford it. [Note for those travelling with Ryan Air, only one hand carry is allowed on the flight which means no backpacks, purses, computer bags, etc., are allowed.]

Yesterday, we saw another close friend who lives in Wales. It was good to spend time with her around Trafalgar Square since it was also Canada Day and then later having some Chinese food at Soho, their Chinese district.

We were also hosted by friends who owned a long, narrow, canal boat. Staying with them for two nights while floating around Wolverhampton to enjoy the English countryside refreshed our tired bodies and gave us the rest we needed for more sight seeing in London. The Lord knew exactly what we needed.

The Lord used the Suddells, the Vander Meulens, the Sears, and the Bruces to host us so that our paid lodging was minimal. It’s a remarkable blessing to not just travel to see popular sites but get to visit with old friends, strengthen relationships, establish new ones, and feel united because of God. What a blessing it has all been!

In one home we visited, they had Double Delight roses. Later I realized that the Lord was doing just that! He was delighting us doubly over until our joy sensors were happily satisfied. Thank you, Lord, we get it and we praise you! YOU ARE GOOD.

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