Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Provisions

Yesterday, 15 year old Eli thanked God for where we’re currently living. In his prayer, he said it was comfortable and nice to be here. I’d have to agree. The Lord has been too kind. It was also right after our National Director (who happened to live below us), without our asking, installed an air conditioning unit on one of the windows in the living room area. If there was one thing to complain about, the heat might have been it, but that was quickly rectified by the gesture and service. Because it was him who did it, it all the more brought home the message of not just a giving, but a serving God (like Jesus). Thank you, Papa God. We are in a two-bedroom, long and spacious apartment. Both Evan (on a mattress) and Eli (on the couch) sleep in the living room but neither seems to mind it. We are grateful and content. There are times when the bathroom (there’s only one) literally has a line up from any few of us six but we have kept the tempers down and are living in harmony.

This brings me to the next provision which is a place to go to for an extended time of prayer. I was able to get away for my usual time of quiet once a month and ended up doing it next door, the actual OMF Guest House. It’s a big, beautiful house with nine rooms that people can stay in. The rooms; instead of numbers, are assigned the following names: Trust, Love, Joy, Peace, Harmony, Praise, Hope, Serendipity, and Tranquility. There have been many times coming back to Toronto where I’d find myself disturbed by the sirens wailing in the city. It’s one of the things I adjust to since we hardly ever hear sirens (from fire trucks, ambulances, or police cars) in Chiang Mai. Here, not two days would go by without hearing it at least once. Sometimes, upwards to three can be heard in a single day! In the past, for the first few days, sirens would jar my peace. In the Mission Home and here, there is such a peace that blocks out all the outside noises. Yes, the noises (and sirens!) are there but like a cloak, I remain unperturbed because of the peace that shrouds me. I stayed there to pray and it felt just right. The cost for OMF members to stay is $8.75 per day with breakfast so it is VERY affordable. It also had a piano which I was able to play, making the place perfect for me. I initially asked to stay in the Trust room as I thought it was where I spiritually needed to be. I was assigned to the Harmony room instead and as I prayed, I sensed that it was what the Lord was going to do in our family. Harmony somehow eluded us several times in Chiang Mai but it’s a gift the Lord is giving us this season. Yes, Lord!

Lastly, I’d like to write about the 2003 Pontiac Montana van that the Lord provided us with. We’ve been able to drive it around for a week now and it is surely fitting our needs. Our sons had claimed their seats and are in process of finding out how to use the DVD player. It has automatic sliding side doors, power windows and locks, and with the push of some switches can move the driver’s seat up, down, forward or back. It is super cool for the price of $3,250.00. The Lord is good and greatly to be praised. I’m sure I’ll have much to write about in the days to come. =)

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